About Us

Welcome to the Townie Syndicate interweb. We were recently interviewed by Walter Cronkite, we thought we'd post the gist of that imaginary meeting here for your benefit.

Walter: What the hell is "Townie Syndicate"?

TS: Well, it originally started out as a cycling team. Most of the local teams are sponsored by a broad group of illogically grouped sponsors. Not only did their kits look like logo vomit, but "several" of the teams had an air of exclusivity and arrogance. Yes, there are road cyclists who are elitist. <shock>. Well, we thought we'd pull together a team based on the following criteria:

  • Fun first
  • Small locally-owned companies as partners
  • Some of us still have day jobs; none of the partner-companies could be clients
  • Partners must sell, make or service "cool" shit *
  • No douche-bags **
  • Townie (i.e. "local") Syndicate (i.e. "group of co-conspirators")

The kit designing process was the beginning of a slippery slope. Two Townie Syndicatians in particular (Andy Olson and Tom Brantman), starting spending a worrisome amount of time designing, 3D printing and iterating on various bike components. Long rides frequently devolved into conversations about money making businesses surrounding areas of passion: cycling gear, consumer products, food, flux-capacitors, etc. A kickstarter project was inevitable. Hence the Townie Syndicate Lever+

Walter: Who specifically is "in" the Townie Syndicate?

TS: Tom Brantman and Andy Olson. Tom is an industrial designer, product developer, musician, cook, dad, and husband. Andy is a recovering mechanical engineer, research geek, biz school tool, cook, dad, and husband. Both also ride for the Townie Syndicate bike team with a host of other delinquents. Brad Satterwhite was instrumental in starting the Townie Syndicate bike team as well (he also convinced his wife Nicole to build out the rocking brand identity).

Walter: Where are you guys?

TS: Kansas City - The jewel of the Muddy Mo

Walter: What some of my weed?

TS: No, that's a PED. Dopers suck.

Walter: ..and that's the way it is.


* cool "shit" - a fleeting term relating to optimal lust-inducing bike gear, delicious beer , mind blowing food and other day-dreamy objects of desire.

** Douchebag, aka twatwaffle. Someone who lacks the appropriate balance between "The Rules" and "being fun to be around."



Questions? Contact us at info@towniesyndicate.com