Respect your bike! December 16 2014

Success! November 25 2013

On Nov 12th our Kickstarter campaign closed, and it was a success! We raised 121% of our funding goal. Cocktails were shared with significant others. Fuzzy dreams of a huge booth at Interbike ensued.. We're actively working with our production partners. We are rolling. As we get pictures from our injection molder and tool machine shop, we'll post them for everyone's review. Thanks for the support.

The Rules August 22 2013

We love the genius of the Velominati for writing down the unspoken rules of cycling. If you have not made yourself familiar with The Rules, please take the time to read up.There are serveral reasons the these rules matter to us as a cycling equipment company. If there is any question as to which rules we focused on with our first product, have look at these 4 and get an...